Jeffrey Okundi

Founder Achu’s Spice and Achu’s Kitchen

Dr. Jeffrey Okundi is an invasive ecologist and bio control specialist by profession with significant experience in Invasive Ecology, Environmental Impact Assessment, Allelopathy, biomass data, environmental auditing, climate change, bioremediation and conservation. He is the Founder of Achu’s Spice and Achu’s Kitchen, a household spice name both in Kenya and abroad.

From an early age, Dr. Okundi carried out research projects to find out the major causes of introduction and naturalization of invasive plant species, carrying out his latest research on the Effect of aqueous leaf extract of Parthenium hysterophorus and synthetic phenolic compounds on selected Kenyan cultivated crops to help find a solution to the invasive menace in Kenya.

His work has been published in SCI journals. He is a judge and provides mentorship at Young Scientist Kenya. He is a photographer and the former Captain of Wuhan football Team (Kenya).