Susan Kariuki-Mwongera

Programmes Coordinator Generation Unlimited Kenya Partnership Secretariat Executive Office of the President

Ms. Susan Kariuki-Mwongera is a social development practitioner with 18 years extensive experience in youth and gender programming in Kenya and across Africa. She has specialized in youth, governance & leadership, economic empowerment, education & training, peace & conflict management, policy work, research, strategic planning, partnership building and institutional strengthening.

Ms. Mwongera serves as the Generation Unlimited Programmes Coordinator at the Executive Office of the President, Policy and Strategy Unit. Generation Unlimited Partnership is a unifying strategic framework that acts as an enabler for strengthening the interconnectedness of education, training, employment and young people by creating and deepening a public-private-youth partnership to catalyze smooth transitions of young people from learning to the world of work. She was a member of the Technical Committee that developed the Kenya Youth Development Policy, 2019.

In 2018, Ms. Mwongera received the NAB Nexus Youth Summit Collaborators Award opened to two or more delegates who attended the NEXUS Australia 2018 Youth Summit and collaborated to create an innovative and sustainable social enterprise or not-for-profit concept that fosters positive social change and impact in the broader Australian community and beyond. Ms. Mwongera holds an MBA - Strategic Management from Kenya Methodist University.