Irene Otieno

National Coordinator, National Taxpayers Association

Ms. Irene Otieno is an advocate of the High Court of Kenya and the National Coordinator at the National Taxpayers Association (NTA), an organization whose mission is to advocate for government accountability in delivering services. She has more than a decade of experience in public sector management, governance and public sector reform management.

Ms. Irene Otieno steadfastly seeks to have the ordinary Kenyan’s voice feature prominently in national conversations revolving around taxes and service delivery. In a sense, to have citizens demand better services because they dutifully pay their taxes. She resolutely underscores her passion for advocacy programs to facilitate a prosperous environment with”TAX WORKING FOR THE PEOPLE”.

She actively participated in CHAMBUA; a citizen led reading party of the Auditor General’s reports that put the spotlight on the level of wastage of public funds and its impact on the morale of tax-paying youth. She has also been featured among “Women in Tax'' for her contributions in the tax arena.