Akinyi Odongo

Creative Director Akinyi Odongo KENYA™

Ms. Akinyi Odongo is an international award winning haute couture designer. She is the creative genius behind the MEFA Creations brand whose slogan is “For That Sharp Look”. Ms. Akinyi has received several accolades for her immense contribution to the African fashion Industry. She serves as the Director of MEFA Institute of Design, a training facility that offers certificate and diploma courses in fashion and design. She also founded WANA WATINDO, an after school fashion classes for kids which nurtures talents at an early stage of life.

In 2014, Ms. Akinyi launched Akinyi Odongo KENYA™ brand whose vision is to be The Iconic African Fashion House with a mission to create elegant, African Inspired haute couture. She was awarded the prestigious ELNET Business Leader Award for exemplary ethical standards in business and in person. She founded Fashion Agenda Africa (FAA), whose aim is to give platform to upcoming fashion entrepreneurs and other players in the creative space. She is a Founding Director and Chairperson of KENYA FASHION COUNCIL (KFCO)

Ms. Akinyi is raising the bar in the fashion industry and is committed to maintaining a positive outlook in an industry that is still in its infancy in Africa. She is working on WHAT IS IN YOUR HAND derived from Exodus 4:1-2 to encourage people to use what God has given them. She strives to be a good steward of what God has bestowed upon her.