About the
Top 35 Under 35 Awards

In 2020, The Youth Agenda under its grand Youth Empowerment Programme, a programme whose theme is to transform the youth “from a demographic challenge to demographic dividend”, fronted the first ever youth awards in Kenya since its independence.

The award branded as the Top 35 under 35 Awards targets to award exemplary youth across various sectors or categories. It takes place annually on the International Youth Day (IYD). (Every year the world celebrates the International Youth Day on 12th August. Each year comes with its theme from the Global UN headquarters).

The awards are part of the major youth empowerment programme which is a complete mentorship and engagement of youth for a one-year period. The awarded youth undergo a six months mentorship at the Youth Agenda Leadership Academy and later linked to three mentees each from their original counties for a maximum of six months. In the midst of mentorship, the awardees also undertake a community service activity in one county. 

Why should APPLY for the Award?

If it is recognition and being awarded as youth of the year by a reputable organisation in conjuction with the Ministry of ICT, Innovations and Youth affairs that you’re looking for then you are in for a pleasant shock.

The rewards are Unlimited and beyond measure. You are the only one standing in your way on what you can achieve.


Peer to peer networking and also networking with industry leaders will be a milestone to your achievements. Your network is your networth.


As an awardee, national visibility and recognition goes along way in rubber-stamping your authenticity and achievements


You will be exposed to trainings that will be the core foundations to your growth


Mentorship for a period of 6 months with industry leading people to walk with you hand in hand to show you the ropes of the industry you applied for.

Do you have what
it takes to be the next Top35 Under35 ?

You can apply or nominate someone for the award.

What Categories can you apply for?



Have made an impact in the Health Sector space to invoke change as a youth?

Technology (I.C.T)

Are your innovations ready to stand aganist the test of time and be the best among the best?


Are you manufacturing goods or services that inspire people for a better livelihood?


Have made an impact in the Media space to invoke change as a youth?

Creative Arts

Does your creativity stand out to be the best among the best?


Find out about the categories that you can apply for....

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